Hi! My name is Isabel Beeson.  I graduated with honors from the University of Florida, with a BFA in Graphic Design. My interests include traveling, kayaking and hiking, true crime podcasts, and pop culture.


When I’m not working I like to spend time with family and friends or read mysteries, historical and science fiction. Most of my personal belongings are covered in stickers representing my favorite tv shows, movies, and music. I can usually be found watching crime shows, medical dramas, or any show where the characters learn absolutely no lessons and continually make bad decisions. Let me know if you want to meet up and discuss why Daenerys is the best Game of Thrones character or how Shonda Rhimes has personally changed my life. I’ll be the one probably wearing all black or a baseball cap!

As a designer, my wide range in personal taste only further expands my pool of inspiration. I am a very conceptual designer with a strong attention to detail. I like to work with symbolism and would define my design style as adaptive with a trademark twist! I am more of a Meredith Grey when it comes to specialization. (Get it…She’s the Chief of General Surgery? Know your references people!)