tewksbury trading co.

tea bar packaging design

Tewksbury Trading Co. is a fictional brand I created for a project where the "client" was from Tewksbury, England and wanted to sell their tea to stores in America. The creative brief specifically mentioned that the client wanted a modern brand that would raise awareness for their products. The original product asked for a traditional tea box design, but I came up with the idea of a tea bar. I did some research and realized that this is not really something that exists, but that only strengthened my pitch for the validity of the design. I think in this age of social media vitality, this tea bar would market itself. I based the design on artisanal soap bar labels. The packaging is fairly simple with all black text on recycled paper with colors mimicking those found in the tea bars. I wanted the natural ingredients of the bars to shine as a way of highlighting the clients craftsmanship! The back of the label includes brewing instructions, a message from the company, and a meter that indicates the strength of the tea.