Starbucks annual report

digital mini-site annual report

This project is a digital mini-site annual report for Starbucks Coffee. This site features select information in order to give a sampling of important information. I created a different color scheme that I based on the original iconic green, but expanded into a cooler-tone palette. Then I designed a few illustrations that would feature throughout the site to create personality and continuity. 

Section Layouts
financial data
section breakdown
selected content

Due to the immense amount of information I wanted to keep the layouts very simple to make the content easy to understand. I converted most of the financial data into graphic representations in order to make them easier to understand. The report is broken up into four sections, About, the Fact Sheet, the Annual Report, and Starbucks Stories. I hand selected the featured information to provide a well-rounded view of Starbuck's highlights from 2018.  

menu design

The menu asset was designed to mimic the side of a Starbucks cup where drink customizations are written.

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