southlake stage

theater-in-the-round branding

Southlake Stage is a fictional theater company that functioned as a client for this project. The only really specific part of the client brief was that the theater wanted to stand out and attract both theater lovers and people not familiar with theater. I decided to base my branding around my concept that Southlake Stage was a theater "in-the-round". This means that their stage is a circle in the middle of the auditorium where the actors perform in 360 degrees. I thought this feature would be an interesting way to attract customers. This decision guided the creation of the logo. I drew the "S" for Southlake Stage in a form that also mimicked the enveloping experience the viewers would have. This idea was also explored in the magazine ads where the actors are worked into the type to show the effects of an "in-the-round" experience. 

ss posters-03.png
ss posters-01.png
ss posters-02.png
ss posters-04.png


magazine ads
show posters
branded stationery

The color palette was inspired by the photo I chose to represent my physical building. I then applied this to the advertising poster designs where one feature from each show was simplified as a representation. I used some of the architectural elements of my chosen building to incorporate pattern into some of the designs. I specifically worked the stripes and circular patterns into the stationery and poster design.