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Silence of the lambs Eyeshadow palette

February 13, 2021 is the 30th anniversary of the film the Silence of the Lambs, one of my favorite movies of all time. A current, popular, marketing tool are celebratory cosmetic launches in the form of brand partnerships or solo releases. I designed an eyeshadow palette inspired by the film. This palette has specific references designed for superfans and also easier-to-spot nods to elements of the movie.

30th anniversary cosmetic launch
top view.jpg
eyeshadow palette
exterior design

The exterior of the palette is designed to mimic and FBI criminal case file. I was inspired by the files Clarice brings with her to visit Hannibal Lecter. However, the design is not a direct replica, but one that would be more universally recognizable. 

The actual palette is built in the shape of a folder or file. The type layout on the front mimics a traditional case file style and features the Department of Justice seal. At the very top of the palette is the back side of a paper fastener that extends through the file to the inside.

The back simply features a layout of shade names that follows the organization of the shades inside the palette. At the bottom of the palette, there is a stamp that reads "Property of the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

fully open view.jpg
shade view.jpg
eyeshadow palette
interior design

The inside of the palette maintains the design mimicking a FBI case file.

On the left or top side of the palette, there is a full size mirror. Overlapping the mirror on the right hand side is the reverse side of the paper fastener found on the front. Written on the mirror, in red lipstick, is Buffalo Bill's final quote to Clarice at the end of the book, "What does it feel like to be so beautiful?".

The right or bottom side of palette features the actual eyeshadow palette, in the form of individual embedded eyeshadow pans. Below is a more-detailed look at the shadows and shade names. The design around the eyeshadows features stacked sheets of paper that could be found in typical case files. There are two ripped sheets, two sticky note, multiple loose sheets, and a fingerprint  card. As on the other side, the top/right hand of the palette also has another paper fastener that extends to the back, this time it is holding together the contents of the file and not the mirror. 

shade view.jpg
eyeshadow palette
shade names

This palette features 15 shadows, four foiled shades and 11 pressed pigments. Each eyeshadow was named after an element of the film. Their inspiration ranges from character hair color to specific scene references. Below are samples of some shade name explanations.

(1) Hannibal: This grey toned brown shade reflects the color of Hannibal Lecter's muzzle in the movie.

(2) Floor 3: This deep burgundy shade references the scene where blood drips through the elevator hatch. 

(3) Extra-rare: This pressed-foil pink shade references the scene where Hannibal is served his "second, last meal" and he asked for his steak to be "extra-rare".

(4) Pembry: This is a light pink /beige shade that references the man that Hannibal used to make a face-mask to escape.

(5) Louis Friend: This foiled gold shade is the fake name Hannibal gives that is actually an anagram for iron sulfide or "Fool's Gold".

(6) Precious: This pure white shade reflects the color of "Buffalo Bill's" pet dog, Precious.

(7) Night Vision: This electric green shade references the scene where Buffalo Bill uses night vision goggles to hunt Clarice.

(8) Quantico: This pressed-foil navy blue shade references FBI headquarters where Clarice works.

uni-carton design

The actual palette comes inside a protective uni-carton package. The design of this packaging references the original movie poster used to advertise the movie. This serves to make the palette and its relation to the movie easily identifiable, whereas the palette design inspiration is not as obvious.  

box open.jpg
box open.jpg
retail display
store display
store advertising

The palette will be sold in-stores and online. Above are some examples of store displays and advertising at the cosmetic retailer, Sephora. 

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