minor league hockey team rebrand

The South Carolina Stingrays are my local, minor league hockey team. This project focuses on rebranding to modernize their image. This is a first step on the path to increase ticket sales. This will rejuvenate the whole brand, attracting new customers while still preserving long-time fans!

new logo-01.png
logo re-design
color palette extension

For the design of the logo, and overall branding, I wanted to maintain the spirit of the team traditions in a modern format. 

The base of the new logo is a stock vector stingray, that has been modified for this specific project. In the original logo, the stingray form and team title are hard to understand. In the new logo, all forms have clean, crisp lines for legibility.

I used the same color palette, but expanded it to enhance functionality.

I also expanded the typography options to include a more modern, stylized option.

new branding applied to away uniform

The new branding is shown in application on an away jersey. The overall jersey style maintains the league standard, while showcasing the new logo and updated colors.

marketing materials
player cards

I created two versions of the schedule. One is a more, modern abstract design. The other is visually, more practical. The practical design is shown for the month of January, and the abstract design shows the whole 2020 season.

I also created player cards as another piece of physical marketing. Each duotone piece has the players signature in silver foil.

trading card-05.png
trading card-06.png
social media
branding application on profiles
Instagram post and story

For the application of the new branding on the existing profiles, I created a new profile picture (logo on hockey puck).


I also designed a sample game day Instagram grid post and story. All are visually consistent. The story and post feature imagery that shows the logos of each competing team, with the stingray logo easier to view as the "ice" has been slightly wiped away.

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