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Rowse app design

grocery store navigation application

Pronounced "Rose", the ROWSE app is a grocery store navigation platform. The app would serve as a collaboration between select stores. Users would be able to use the in-store navigation to find select items or create a multi-stop route to find multiple items or all the ingredients for a recipe. 

The app works for new customers, returning customers looking to try new products, and for each store to promote new products or recipes in order to boost sales. The navigation is a time saver for quick runs to the grocery store or as a new product introduction for longer shops.

general concept
color palette

The branding of the app stems directly from its' name. The ROWSE app is named after the "compass rose", a common tool of navigation, and "rows" or aisles in a store. This concept inspired the logo, which is a simplified versions of a compass rose. 

The app remains true to a limited, stylized color palette. Rose, red, navy blue, white, and light grey are the only colors used through the entire application.

The title typeface is a decorative sans-serif while the body and subtitle text is a more straightforward, legible sans-serif. 

rowse logo-01.png
Access Options_iphone8spacegrey_portrait
Landing Page_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.p
Zip Code Submitted_iphone8spacegrey_port
app design

The app is represented on the phone home screen with just the logo on a white background. The name of the app is stylized "ROWSE" underneath. 

When users first open the app, they are greeted by a splash page. This transitions into the access options screen. 

Users are asked to "sign in", "sign up", or continue as a guest to use the app.

No matter what option they choose, the user will then put in their zip code to locate partner stores in their location. A list of eligible stores will be generated that they can choose from. 

app design

Once the user selects a store, they can navigate using category selection or a search function. Returning users will be met with custom search filters they have previously selected. 

Once and item is selected or a recipe route is created, the user will be able to see the overview of the route. Then they are able to select turn-by-turn, first person navigation. 

Category Selected_iphone8spacegrey_portr
First person_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.p
in store ad 1.jpg
phone in store.jpg
cart ad.jpg
in-store ads
in-store use

Within the participating stores there will be advertisements for the app. They will be found on store displays, grocery carts, and product shelves.

This will help prompt customers, not familiar with the app, to use it in the store. 

The ads will have a QR code for direct download from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

sign in
recipe selection
app demonstration
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