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re-imagined album design

For this project, I chose re-imagine Taylor Swift's album, reputation. I picked Taylor Swift as my artist to specifically work on the challenge of rebranding her newest album, that aims to reclaim her narrative. I came up with the idea of a controlled burn, where existing plants are purposely destroyed to allow new life to grow. I felt like this would be a perfect metaphor for Taylor's new album. She specifically mentions fire, matches, and burning in multiple lyrics, which only further ties in my concept. I paired this with the design tool of blurring. This is mostly featured on the album covers, where a section of the cover is in focus and the rest is blurred. This represents the part of her life that the public see's contrasted against the sharp focus from which she views her life. The general public has an idea of who she is but lacks most details. 

albums in pocket.jpg
open w pockets.png
recurring symbolism
general concept
thematic elements

I carried the idea of a controlled burn and rebirth through each piece through the color scheme by also using symbolism. The album interior features an image of a snake coiled around an egg, this is a symbol found in Greek mythology called an Orphic Egg. It is a common depiction of the physical place where life was "hatched" from. Another allusion to the idea of allowing new life to grow. The dust cover has match cut out to reveal the album beneath, another symbol relating to the theme of fire.

book design
concept connection
accompanying app

The accompanying book has a hole purposefully burned through the initial cover, to reveal a poem Taylor wrote. The book itself is an interactive journal that features introspective and reflective prompts, leading readers to look upon their past and grow from it. Each prompt features a personal response written by Taylor to stimulate the interaction. 

This leads to the idea for the whole tour. Taylor will hold regular concerts, but also conduct writing workshops in each city she stops in where she will attend, along with a famous writer from that city. This way the fans will be able to interact with her on another level, while also learning about how they can use writing to better their life the way Taylor does with her songwriting and music.




There is an app that goes along with the book that has many features, but one in particular is a collection of process videos for each song on the album. The depict the process of songwriting, recording, editing, and more. This allows for a more personal look at Taylor.

front book.png
back of book.png
Landing Page_iphone8plusspacegrey_portra
single mockup_iphone8spacegrey_portrait.
marketing applications
transportation advertisements
retail display

For marketing applications I designed an ad in the subway featuring a QR code, that when scanned, will prompt the user to buy the album on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify. Additionally, I also mocked-up a record store window display to show how all the pieces would work together in a retail setting. This display includes basic t-shirt designs that follow the rest of the branding pieces.

window display.jpg
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