Leonardo 2019

Mint Design Studio
an interdisciplinary initiative collateral proposal

Leonardo 2019 is a University of Florida initiative aimed at highlighting interdisciplinary studies which honor the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci. This visual system was developed in a collaboration with one other student, Taylor Franklin, as a part of a proposal for the University of Florida. We were inspired by the colors found in Renaissance paintings and use our imagery to modernize their application. 


We wanted to represent the journey the students would go through in the program. This idea is featured on the window decals found on a walkway in the Fine Arts College and in stairwell advertising.

large format posters
stairwell signage

One piece of collateral for the initiative is a map that shows the connections across various events happening all over Gainesville. This allows participants to see an overall picture of how all the pieces work together. This design will be printed in large poster format with accompanying flyers. The flyers will be featured at every initiative location in order to inform participants about other events.

flyer front-06.png
flyer front-05.png
flyer front-01.png
flyer back-04.png
flyer back-03.png
flyer back-02.png
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