James SImons

montessori school

school rebranding and general asset design

For this project, I was in charge of a complete brand re-design and launch for a public Montessori school. This included the creation of a new logo and accompanying branding. I designed teaching materials, marketing collateral, internal and external signage, presentations, social media content, and more. I also Art Directed all photo content required for the new brand.

js logo transparent.png
new logo
original logo
general concept
color palette
name change

Design development started with the logo and color palette. I decided on a somewhat literal, but geometric interpretation of a “fourth wall”. I paired the logo with a slightly decorative serif font. The color palette of the logo and general branding is black and white, to allow the detail in the products to shine.

general concept
color palette
name change

The re-branding process started with an official name change for the school. It is now officially named, James Simons Montessori School. This change in identity coincides with the school's official transition from a public school to a Montessori. The same color palette was kept for the re-brand, as it has historical ties to the school and community. Throughout this entire process, I worked closely with the school principal and a committee of staff in a collaboration of ideas. I started with a re-design of the logo. The design was based in a very specific creative brief given to me by the principal. The logo needed to embody the historical aspect of Charleston, the school's location, projected in the the traditional education style. After going through many logo proposals and eventual revisions, the final logo was created. 

As seen above, the final logo is a version of a traditional seal, containing imagery found in Charleston wrought-ironwork. Included in the design is a vectorized line-drawing of a historical facade that is part of the school's exterior.

For privacy purposes, most of the designs are shown with covered or placeholder text.

marketing materials
informational booklets

New marketing materials were designed as accompanying assets for the re-launch. Two of these pieces are an informational brochure and booklet. These pieces contain new curriculum and general school information. The booklet is a standard saddle-stitch design, optimized for budget printing. The brochure is a 6-paneled, 12-page, custom piece. It features a circular cutout on the front, revealing the logo. 

As stated above, these designs are shown with mostly Lorem ipsum text for privacy purposes. 

Art direction
photographic assets

I was also responsible for all the art direction and execution of any photographic content related to the new branding. I wanted to highlight the use of Montessori materials in the classroom, as this is what makes the Montessori curriculum so unique. Shown above is a sample of photos used in some of the marketing materials. 

Merchandise design
water bottle
school bag

Another facet of this project, was the application of the new brand onto merchandise. The branding was extended through new t-shirts, water bottles, car magnets/stickers, canvas school bags, and more. 

teaching materials
school trip
estuary hex-01.png

In addition to the school branding, I also worked on other asset design. I created designs for everything from teaching materials to school field trip packets. The two sample teaching materials shown are an estuary study material and a literacy program, Litflix, poster. 

I also included the design for the school trip, Montessori in the Moonlight, informational packet. I named and branded the entire trip, but included the packet to give a general idea of the overall design.