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fourth wall collections

luxury tv and film prop replica catalog design

This project is the design of a catalog for a company that sells luxury film and tv prop replicas. I created and named this company Fourth Wall Collections, in reference to the breaking of the fourth wall ("Breaking the fourth wall" is any instance in which this performance convention, having been adopted more generally in the drama, is violated. This can be done through either directly referencing the audience, the play as a play, or the characters' fictionality. The temporary suspension of the convention in this way draws attention to its use in the rest of the performance). I thought this title was very fitting for this brand as Fourth Wall Collections (FWC) has the most official studio partnerships and prides itself on the attention to detail shown in the items. FWC has grown a reputation for exquisitely accurate items, exact replicas. This craftsmanship creates a sense of inclusion within the audience.

I designed select sample spreads from the catalog to explain the overall idea.

general concept
color palette

Design development started with the logo and color palette. I decided on a somewhat literal, but geometric interpretation of a “fourth wall”. I paired the logo with a slightly decorative serif font. The color palette of the logo and general branding is black and white, to allow the detail in the products to shine.

visual system
cover design
material choices
flat lay development

I then came up with the motif of a “flat lay” that starts on the cover and carries through the catalog in the form of the table of contents spreads, show/movie section spreads, and packaging.


On the cover, I imagined a matte black background and the hand-rendered drawings of iconic props to be printed in a slick, raised material (to mimic the sheen of physical film). This would create the illusion of an initially completely black book, but then the drawings would be revealed at certain angles. This material style would also continue onto the spine of the catalog. 


The visual system incorporates organizational flat lays and subtle nods to filmmaking throughout the catalog. The cover design sets the tone for the whole piece.  

got spread.jpg
hp spread.jpg
Spread Designs
section spreads
product pages

The section spreads were slightly difficult in creation due to the fact that I did not have access to all the props photographed in the same light, this resulted in major Photoshop endeavours. I used darker, “neutral” backgrounds to allow the products to shine (in accordance with my established brand guidelines), but tried to find a texture that worked with the style of show/movie. I placed filler items within the stylized flat lays, stray rocks in Game of Thrones and metallic stars in Harry Potter. The product page features a detailed breakdown of all the details for each item.

hp u.jpg
App Design
product scanner
VR item camera

Included on all product pages is a custom mark that can be scanned, within the accompanying app. This provides a direct link to the online shopping page that makes the user experience smoother and eases the purchasing process. Also included in the app is a virtual reality function that allows users to place products within their own surroundings to see real life sizing and how it works with their space.

packaging 2.jpg
small item shipping box

This example of a small item shipping box shows an additional application of the visual system. The exterior of the box would have the same matte black background and raised shiny-vinyl accents as the cover of the catalogues. The interior features tissue with the logo printed on. This packaging is meant look unique and expensive to communicate the brand ideals. Customers are likely purchasing high-price items and this level of luxury needs to be reflected in every aspect of the brand.

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